Why Carbon Steel Tube is Used Widely for Industrial Purposes

Carbon steel tube, along with stainless steel tube, is one of the strongest pipes in existence today. As a result, the material is widely used for a range of industrial purposes.

There are many manufacturers who add carbon to iron in order to solidify the overall structure and successfully strengthen the metal. This makes carbon steel tube one of the most cost-effective alloying materials present in the market, with the following classifications available:

  • Low carbon
  • Medium carbon
  • High carbon
  • Ultra-high carbon

When it comes to fitting carbon steel tube, it’s important for the flanges to be also be made from the same material. Carbon steel flanges are ideal for applications involving carbon steel pipe and fittings, Stainless steel flanges are ideal for applications involving stainless steel pipe and fittings. They also have many favorable features and properties that make them a preferred material in the manufacturing industry.

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